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              The company is located in prime "The hometown of fish and rice" reputation of the Wenling city New River town since ancient times, China tobacco machinery group is the designated production units, is the town of New River key enterprises, founded in 1978, plant construction area of 3000 square meters, has now been extended to more than 8000 square meters, with about 20 million yuan in fixed assets, the annual industrial output value  30 million yuan.       The company is located is the birth place of famous cloth of the Southern Song Dynasty poet Dai Fugu, is one of today¡¯s reform and opening ...
        Wenling Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Contacts£ºMr. Zheng Adds£ºWenling City XingHe Town Zheng Industrial Area bridge Tel£º0576-86539999 86537888
                 0576-86571122 86571088
        Fax£º0576-86571588 86571538 Phone£º13958638988
        Three and round The bucket wheel Select drum Type component One wheel assembly Three wheel assembly Detection of drum Rubbing wheel The wheel body A segmentation wheel The two segmentation wheel Drying drum Cigarette straight row wheel The spider hands Catcher wheel Detection of drum Turn the wheel assembly Cloth wheel drum assembly Frame assembly PROTOS riving knife assembly
        Copyright£ºWenling City XingHe Town Zheng Industrial Area bridge
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